How We Work

Our senior partners each have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field of medical malpractice defense. Each has an established history of successful trial results. All of our cases are supervised by at least one of our senior partners. Cases are assigned to and managed by a discrete team of attorneys headed by at least one partner.

The firm’s trial lawyers are formidable adversaries. We routinely try cases throughout the metropolitan area and enjoy a distinguished record of success, even in the most challenging venues and courts. Our clients are confident that McAloon & Friedman provides skilled representation that serves their needs in accordance with the highest standards of the legal profession.

We excel in the art of settlement negotiation. Our approach to the negotiation of any case is carefully analyzed and discussed with our client. Cases that are appropriate for early settlement are identified and presented to our clients for their consideration.

McAloon & Friedman utilizes a full compliment of resources to provide the best possible defense. We maintain legal brief and expert transcript banks, and possess comprehensive medical and legal libraries. Our fully computerized offices allow us to quickly access medical research as well as other transcripts of our opponents’ experts.