• Extensive Medical Malpractice Knowledge
    Senior partners have a minimum of 20 years of experience in medical malpractice defense. The firm also has three full-time and several per diem nurses on staff to translate medical records, explain medical terminology, analyze the medical significance of an illness or treatment, and conduct forensic medical investigations.


  • History of Success
    McAloon & Friedman has served the legal needs of insurers, hospitals, and healthcare professionals for over 70 years. The firm has secured hundreds of favorable trial outcomes, summary judgment motions and appellate decisions, and enjoys a stellar reputation in the medical malpractice defense profession.


  • Settlements from Strength
    By conducting a thorough analysis of medical issues and preparing a comprehensive lawsuit report with a detailed summary of the plaintiff’s treatment, legal teams can develop an effective defense strategy at an early stage. All avenues for a favorable resolution are aggressively pursued, as is the feasibility of an early summary judgment to avoid costly (and needless) litigation. When appropriate, settlement negotiations and mediation are actively pursued.


  • Dedicated Defense Team
    Each case is assigned at least one senior partner who is involved in all aspects of the litigation, including case management, presenting at trial, conducting appeals, and negotiating settlements. The attorneys and associates at McAloon & Friedman are known for their superior analytical and trial skills, their attention to detail, and their zealous defense of clients in complex, high exposure medical malpractice and premises liability cases.